Project formulation, monitoring and evaluation

Over the years, Bert has formulated countless development projects and programmes, evaluated projects and acted as project monitor as well. This was done for many funding agencies, including the EU, World Bank, IFC, and Netherlands government. Most assignments related to private sector development, SME development and employment creation, as well as agricultural finance.

Some formulation assignments followed on preliminary policy studies, of which Bert prepared many. In some formulation projects Bert was subsequently associated with implementation in an advisory or monitoring capacity. In evaluation, Bert undertook both project and programme evaluations. Of special interest was an agricultural finance impact study undertaken in the Balkans, based on detailed interviews with 660 agricultural borrowers and non-borrowers.

A project list is provided below.

Publication: "Development Impact Study - Agricultural Finance" (May 2010)




May - Aug '20 NL Financial expert. Evaluation of the FMO-MASSIF programme (Financing SMEs in developing countries through investment funds, banks and MFIs)
July ’18 - May ‘20 NL, Kenya Financial expert. Evaluation of the Dutch Good Growth Fund (Financing SMEs in developing countries through various channels, including investment funds, co-investing and export finance)
June ’16 – Dec '19 Myanmar, Cambodia Team Leader. Impact evaluation of investments made by the Dutch Good Growth Fund in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Set Baseline (2017) and End-line (2019).
Jan-Sept ‘16 Egypt, BiH Evaluator. Evaluation of the PSOM/PSI (business development through J/V collaboration), company visits to Egypt and to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dec '15 Mozambique

Monitoring expert. Review of Business Associations support project (SME development)

Nov '15 Ethiopia

Monitoring expert. Review of Transformation Triggering Facility (SME development)

Oct '15 Egypt

Senior expert. Formulation MasterCard Strivers programme (micro enterprise development)

Sept '15 Nigeria

Monitoring expert. Review of ECOWAS regional private sector competitiveness programme (region-wide standardisation and quality systems, and reform of investment policies)

Aug – Oct ‘14


Global Agriculture Food Security Programme (GAFSP) - Formulation of programme options to more effectively invest in smallholder farms and producer organisations

Jan – Sept ‘14


Evaluation of the IFC advisory services in MENA region, with field research in Morocco and Pakistan

Nov - Dec ‘13


Formulation of the third phase of the Burundi microfinance development programme

Mar - Jul ‘13


Evaluation of the Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme (DECP)

Jan ‘13

South Sudan

Formulation of an agricultural mechanisation programme

Oct – Nov ‘12


Evaluation of the “Zambia Emergent Farmer Programme” (finance, technical assistance)

March - May ’12


Formulation of an agricultural (micro) finance programme (agricultural credit guarantees, warehouse receipts, technical assistance to MFIs, small grants) (2 missions)

Nov ’11, Sept ‘12


Formulation of a development programme in the apiculture value chain, including financing beekeepers and other value chain partners

Oct ‘11


Formulation of a technical assistance programme for two MFIs in Haiti (EIB)

May ’11 – June '18

South Sudan

 “South Sudan Agribusiness Development Programme” (BDS, credit guarantees).

· Formulation of the programme after market and needs assessment

· Tender management (recruitment of the programme manager)

· Monitoring of the programme (6 missions so far)

· Formulation of 2nd phase, 2018 – 2022

· Monitoring of the 2nd phase (1 mission so far)

Feb ‘11


Formulation of a support programme in favour of growth-oriented women entrepreneurs (market development, BDS, financing)

Sept ’09 - Mar ‘10


Study on the impact on end-borrowers of agricultural loans in Moldova, Kosovo and Albania (banks and MFIs). Survey of 660 borrowers and non-borrowers (with publication)

Mar ’06 - Jan ‘09


· Formulation of a rehabilitation programme for the financial sector and microfinance in Burundi. Tender management for selection of the programme manager (2 missions)

· Monitoring of the financial sector rehabilitation programme (grants for microfinance institutions, small enterprise loans, MFI refinancing) (6 monitoring missions)

· Formulation of the 2nd phase microfinance development programme (1 mission)

Mar ‘06


Evaluation of “Africalia” - cultural collaboration with Africa

Feb - April ‘06

Netherlands / USA

Review of the Netherlands - IFC Partnership Programme (Technical assistance facilities for SME development)

Jun - Nov ‘04


Evaluation of “Programme of Economic Cooperation” - Export promotion programme of Min of Economic Affairs

Mar - May ‘04


Formulation of a project in support of MSE development and microfinance

Nov ‘03


Feasibility study and preparation of ToR for setting up bankers association and bank training centre (with PCM workshop). Training needs assessment

Jun ‘97


Microcredit identification mission, developing instruments for small enterprise and farm financing – proposal of a credit scheme managed by local banks

Oct ‘97


Development of Dairy Credit Systems – analysis of demand and supply for dairy credit, proposals for dairy credit scheme, and procedures for loan administration

Jul ‘96, Nov ‘96


·  Development of cooperative credit for newly privatised small farms (1st mission)

· Definition of rural co-operative credit scheme, and training of credit officers and agricul­tural engineers in credit applications (2nd mission)

Mar - Apr ‘96


Evaluation of the Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service (technology development and training, enterprise support, SME credit)

Jan ‘96


Deskstudy “Best Practices in Europe in SME development”

Nov - Dec ‘95


Design of bank credit schemes for post-privatisation agricultural enterprises

Sept ‘95


Evaluation “Assistance to employment creation in 12 provinces of Tunisia”. Credit, training and business incubation


Policy studies in SME and agricultural finance

Closely linked to the above project formulation work, Bert undertook a number of SME and agricultural finance policies studies, which are listed below. The work included banking and finance studies, policy and project development, development of financing instruments, in particular SME credit, agricultural credit and micro-lending programmes.

A project list is provided below.

Publication on "Creating Access to Agricultural Finance" (July 2012).

Publication on "Critical Capital for Agri-Food SMEs" (Mar 2018) and "Funds Database for AgTech" which was developed based on the raw data of this study.





July '19


Team Leader. Agricultural finance study, in the context of value chain development

Aug '17-June '18 Worldwide

Team Leader. Research into risk capital for Agri-Food SMEs in Africa. Case studies in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Mali. Database of investment funds updated and expanded to SE Asia. (with publication)

Jan '12-Jan'13


Team Leader. Fairtrade: development of strategy and business plan for Global Producer Finance Unit (FLO-GPFU) (based on 6 agricultural value chains in 10 countries)

Mar ’11 – Oct ‘12


Study into financing of the agricultural sector - horizontal study of innovations in agricultural finance in Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, and Tunisia (with publication)

Nov ‘99


Policy advice on Rural Credit to the Ministry of Agriculture

·  Developing instruments for farm lending, including leasing and credit guarantees

Nov ‘97


Grains Policy Project - Rural Finance Study. Developing policy instruments to stimulate lending to the agricultural sector

May ‘96


 “Linking banks and SMEs” (Banking study and SME financing)



Deskstudy on “Lessons Learned” by Dutch organisations in SME development – advisory services and SME lending programmes / revolving funds

Jan-Feb ‘94


Preparation of United Nations private sector development programme

Nov ‘93 – Jan ‘94


Study Structural Adjustment Programme for Guinea­Bissau

Oct ’89 - Nov ‘91

Malaysia (visits to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam)

Programme Officer, industrial and private sectors (UNDP / UNIDO)

· Management of the industrial development programme, in particular projects in follow-up of the Industrial Master Plan

·  Preparation of industrial and economic studies

·  UNDP 1992-1996 private sector development programme

·  Assistance to SME-support organisations

· Training in preparation of investment projects



·  Prepared various economics publications, including studies on the Structural Adjustment Programme for Guinea-Bissau (1994 and 1996), case studies on exchange rate forecasting in Malaysia and Zambia (1991), and an economic analysis of Zambia during its structural adjustment programme 1985 / 87 (1987).

·  Also prepared various papers on enterprise development and financing, including the paper “SME lending models”, presented during a private sector development conference in Yugoslavia (1999).

·  Two papers on “Post-Privatisation Enterprise Restructuring”, presented during a seminar in Mongolia (2000 – updated and published in 2001).

·  Study of the impact of agricultural financing in the Balkans (EFSE, 2010).

·  Study “Creating Access to Agricultural Finance” (AFD, series à savoir #14, 2012).

·  Study “Critical Capital for Agri-Food SMEs” (ICCO, Jan 2018, for FoodFirst Conference June 2018).

·  More than 100 technical studies and papers. Over 100 training manuals, syllabi and training cases.


For Enterprise Restructuring read the Seminar paper "Post-Privatisation Restructuring" (May 2001)

For Agricultural Finance Impact Study see the publication: "Development Impact Study - Agricultural Finance" (May 2010)

For comparative study of Innovations in Agricultural Finance in Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand and Tunisia see the publication: "Creating Access to Agricultural Finance" (July 2012)

For Critical Capital, based on case studies in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Mali, see the publication "Critical Capital for Agri-Food SMEs" (Mar 2018)


Other Services: SME banking and SME support, Training, Procurement

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