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Bert van Manen offers assistance in enterprise restructuring and turnaround management. His most important experience was gained in food processing industries and agriculture.

In Ukraine, Bert worked with consultants of 'Western Ukraine Management Consulting' to develop a restructuring plan for a company producing machines for nail and screw making (1998).

In Kazakhstan working with Medeo Consulting Bert was involved in the restructuring of a chicken farm and a tea packing factory (1998 / 99).

The most important restructuring effort, however, was through the Enterprise Restructuring Project in Mongolia. Bert was assigned to a cookies and candies factory, helping them instil modern management and marketing practices (June 1999 to June 2001).

Subsequently, Bert took on the restructuring of a meat processing factory as well (Sept 1999 to June 2001), guiding the restructuring of this recently privatised enterprise in Mongolia. The key elements of this project were marketing, process control (quality) and splitting the vast conglomorate in profit / cost centres.

For both the bakery and meat plant a strategic planning approach was followed. After an initial company diagnostic, a strategic business plan was formulated, emphasising the concrete actions to be undertaken for guiding the company to profitability. This included management advice on marketing and distribution, finance and cost calculation, personnel policy, production technology, quality management, and other factors to rehabilitate the company. Staff training was undertaken as well. In Spring 2000, both companies entered the implementation phase. To know more about the results of this project, read the Seminar paper 'Post-Privatisation Restructuring'.

In Bosnia Bert has been working with food-processing industries, helping them restructure their financial management and information systems. In this context he developed a restructuring plan for a meat-factory, among others aiming to obtain debt reduction combined with transfer of the company to new ownership (Feb - June 2003).

Many of the above-mentioned concepts were subsequently applied on the strengthening of three humanitarian organisations in Afghanistan (2004/05), and institutions of higher learning in Rwanda and Uganda (2005/10).

 More about the restructuring methodology:

Read here a Summary of the restructuring methodology.

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