Project Cycle and Evaluation

Bert van Manen has been extensively involved in project formulation, monitoring and evaluation, using PCM methods.

In Malaysia, Bert worked as programme officer for UNDP / UNIDO, with as his main tasks the preparation, implementation and monitoring of development projects in the private and industrial sector. Already at that time the UNDP used the PCM / logical framework method (1989 to 1991).

In Kosovo, Bert took part in a project programming mission, aiming to establish a Bankers Association and Bank Training Centre. The work involved, among others, a PCM workshop, Training Needs Assessment, and development of the project TOR (Nov 2003).

Bert also drafted the ToR for a programme funded by EIB to strengthen two financial institutions in Haiti (2011).

In Kenya, Bert undertook a feasibility study and prepared the financing proposal for a micro enterprise support programme (BDS and micro credit) (March - May 2004).

In Burundi, Bert formulated the Programme for Rehabilitation of the Financial sector and Microfinance (May and July 2006). Subsequently, he took the responsibility for regular monitoring of programme implementation (Nov 2006 - Nov 2008). A follow-up programme aiming at further professionalisation of the microfinance sector was developed in 2009. A third phase was formulated (Nov-Dec 2013), this time aiming at increasing outreach.

Also in Burundi, Bert formulated a programme in agricultural microfinance for BTC (agricultural credit guarantees, warehouse receipts, technical assistance to MFIs, small grants) (2012).

In Moldova, Kosovo and Albania, Bert undertook an impact study of the effects on the economic and social development of agricultural financing by banks and MFIs. The study included interviews among 660 agricultural borrowers and non-borrowers (2009-10).

In Ethiopia, Bert formulated a support programme in favour of growth oriented women entrepreneurs (credit financing, market development, BDS) (2011).

Also in Ethiopia, Bert formulated a development is support of the apiculture value chain, including access to finance (with SNV) (2011 and 2012)

In the new republic of South Sudan, he formulated the "South Sudan Agribusiness Development Programme" and conducted the tender procedure to recruit a programme manager (BDS, financing, guarantee fund) (2011 and 2012). From 2013, he ensures the monitoring of the programme.

Also in South Sudan, he formulated an agricultural mechanisation programme (2013).

In 2014, Bert worked with the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP) to formulate options to reach out more effectively to smallholder farmers and producer organisations.

Other project preparation studies included short studies in Macedonia, Lesotho, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, Romania, and Montenegro (See 'banking').

Bert conducted several SME programme evaluations for the European Commission and other donor agencies:

In Ghana, Evaluation of the Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service (GRATIS). This included technology transfer programmes, a credit programme, training and institution building - Apr / May 1996.

In Tunesia, Evaluation 'Assistance to employment creation in 12 provinces of Tunisia'. This involved a small enterprise credit programme, institution building, training of entrepreneurs and business incubation - Oct 1995.

In Zambia, Bert evaluated the IFC "Zambia Emergent Farmer Programme", aiming to support (BDS) and finance the middle segment of not-yet commercial farmers in Zambia (2012).

He also evaluated the IFC's advisory services in the MENA region, includings visits to Morocco, Egypt and Pakistan (2014).

In the Netherlands, Bert conducted an evaluation for the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the 'Programme Economic Cooperation Projects' - a programme aiming to position Dutch exporters of capital goods and related services on Emerging Markets (Jun - Nov 2004).

He also evaluated the "Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme", a programme aiming to support Employers organisations in developing countries. This included visits to Uganda, Indonesia and VietNam (2013).

In Cambodia, Bert took part in a review mission of the PRASAC programme, operating over 700 savings and credit associations in the rural areas of Cambodia (1999).

Other project cycle management (PCM) work included the following:

Bert evaluated the Netherlands - IFC Partnership Programme, a four-year € 45 million collaboration in technical assistance for SME development (Feb - April 2006).

He also participated in the evaluation of 'Africalia', a Belgium organisation promoting cultural collaboration with Africa (March 2006).

Bert took part in the Tender Evaluation Russia ‘Rural Co-operative Credit Strategies and Pilot Demonstrations’ (Feb 1999).

Bert regularly helps consulting companies in the preparation of tender documents. NGOs are helped in the preparation of grant proposals.

He assisted the NL embassy in South Sudan in the management of three tenders to recruit a technical team for three projects in the water sector (2012)

Other services: Turnaround, Business Support, Credit Appraisal, Banking, Institutional, Training, Policy.

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