Institutional strengthening of enterprise support and financing organisations

In Guinea Bissau, Bert helped set up the Department of Investment Promotion and Assistance to Small Industry within the Ministry of Industry. The first two years he worked as investment analyst, preparing 30 small enterprise business plans. The third year he was team-leader and in charge of a SMI credit fund. The work included assistance to newly established or privatised enterprises, analysis of their financial viability and training of entrepreneurs. He also prepared Business Guides for starting entrepreneurs: 1 Planning, 2 Legalisation, 3 Licensing, 4 Bookkeeping, 5 Credit. (Jan 1992 - Jan 1995).

In Lesotho, Bert established a rural enterprise evaluation unit (linked to savings and credit groups) (two months in 1997, and one month supervision the next year).

In Ukraine, Bert worked in the 'Western Ukraine Management Consulting' company, established in the framework of the TACIS post-privatisation programme. He worked with local management consultants in enterprise restructuring, business planning and financial analysis (eight missions from Dec 1997 to June 1999).

A similar project was executed in Kazakhstan, where Bert worked in the post privatisation centre 'Medeo Consulting'. He worked with local management consultants in enterprise restructuring, business planning and financial analysis (seven missions from May 1998 to Jan 1999).

In Cape Verde, Bert set up an micro-lending programme for multi-sectoral lending to small enterprises. The assignment included the elaboration of statutes, a procedures manual, and a loan tracking system (Sept 1997).

In Malaysia, Bert was as UNIDO programme officer involved in various enterprise support programmes, such as a science and technology park, engineering and foundry park, semi conductor centre, and short-term experts services (volunteers from companies) to local industry (two years from Nov 1989 to Nov 1991).

In Macedonia, Bert helped establish a farm evaluation unit and helped select and train ten young agricultural credit advisors (Feb 1997).

In Moldova, Bert worked in a project assisting the privatisation of agricultural enterprises in Orhei region (Banking study and financing technology). Later he was involved in a Grains Policy Project - Rural Finance Study (Nov / Dec 1995 and Nov / Dec 1997).

In Azerbaijan, Bert worked with the local business support organisation 'Kosia-SMEDA', and helped them expand the services to the interior regions and rural population (July 1997).

In Afghanistan, Bert took part in a management review of three large Humanitarian NGOs, aiming to prepare them for a phase of capacity building and improved management practices (July 2004 and Jan 2005).

Bert is involved in training of national governments in EU/EDF contractual and financial procedures (Djibouti 2004, Congo Brazzaville, Chad, Burundi, Brussels, Cameroun, and Mozambique 2005, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Gabon 2006, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Senegal, Egypt, Mozambique 2007, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, Egypt and Paris, 2008, Chad and Brussels, 2009, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, DPR Korea, and Curacao, 2010, Algeria, 2011, Paris, Pakistan, 2012, Algeria and Chad 2013), Jamaica 2014.

Bert worked with the Centre for Develop of Enterprise (CDE) in Brussels (Belgium) in the development of a manual for organising business-to-business partnership meetings (2003). He also helped CDE design a contractual and financial procedures manual and trained staff in its use (2009/2010, update 2012).

A similar project was undertaken for the Centre for Agricultural Technology (CTA) in Wageningen (Netherlands) (2012 and 2013).

See also training of consultants and credit officers, business development, and Banking studies.

Other services: Turnaround, Business Support, Credit Appraisal, Banking, Training, Project Cycle, Policy.

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