Business Development, Financial Analysis, Product Costing

Bert van Manen offers assistance in business planning, financial analysis and product costing. His most important experience was gained in food processing industries and agriculture.

Business planning is a key service offered by Bert, already having prepared his first industrial feasibility study in Zambia (copper semi-manufactures - 1986/87 - nine months).

In Guinea-Bissau, a total of 30 business plans were formulated for small industries (two years). Another 10 were supervised the next year as project team-leader. He also prepared Business Guides for starting entrepreneurs: 1 Planning, 2 Legalisation, 3 Licensing, 4 Bookkeeping, 5 Credit. (1992 - 1994).

In the Netherlands, Bert works with entrepreneurs of mostly foreign origin in the establishment of their enterprises. He offers management advice, helps with marketing and costing, develops business plans and bankable projects (seventeen projects - 2002 to 2010).

In Ukraine, Bert worked with consultants of 'Western Ukraine Management Consulting', established in the framework of the TACIS post-privatisation programme. He assisted them in making financial analyses of enterprises, and including this in their business plans. One of the main clients was a company producing machines for nail and screw making. Bert also helped a meat company conduct reliable product costing and break-even analysis as part of its restructuring plan. The same was done for a pharmaceuticals industry, brick-making company and hardware factory (bolts and nuts) (intermittent, eight visits 1997 to 1999).

A similar project was executed in Kazakhstan, where Bert strengthened staff skills in client acquisition, business planning and financial analysis (seven months). Among others, he prepared business plans for a GSM telecommunications company and a discount supermarket. He helped a chicken farm establish reliable costing systems and helped them prepare management accounts and financial projections. The same was done in a tea factory (eight missions during 1998 / 99).

In Armenia, local consultants of 'SMEDA' were assisted to finalise their business plans and credit requests (May 1996).

In Azerbaijan, Bert conducted workshops with local entrepreneurs and guided them in making their business plans (Sept 1996 and July 1997).

In Uzbekistan, small business consultants presented their business plans in workshops, which were subsequently tested and improved (Dec 1996 and May 1997).

In Lesotho, Bert developed a methodology for micro-business planning, twelve of which were made (March / April 1997 and April 1998).

In Montenegro, Bert performed 'Due Diligence' investigations in seven small-scale dairy factories, candidate for an EU-funded modernisation programme (Jan 2002 and Dec 2004).

In Afghanistan, Bert took part in a management review of three large Humanitarian NGOs, specifically focussed on the integrity of their financial management and control systems (July 2004 and Jan 2005).

In Guinea Bissau, Bert worked with rural communities to manage their solar-powered water pumping systems, receive appropriate water payments, and ensure the sustainability of the system through savings (Sept to Oct 2006).

In Rwanda, Bert worked with the National University of Rwanda in Butare to upgrade their financial management and satisfy audit and management requirements (April 2007 to May 2009). This included the development of a financial procedures manual, and reinforced budgeting procedures in particular. He also worked with a University in Ruhengeri to upgrade their financial management practices (August 2005 and May 2006). Subsequently, a similar project was undertaken with Institute of Legal Practice Development in Nyanza (Dec 2007 to Oct 2010).

In Uganda, the Judicial Studies Institute was assisted in improving their financial management (Aug '10).

Other services: Turnaround, Credit Appraisal, Banking, Institutional, Training, Project Cycle, Policy.

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